Here you can download material about our past events!

Call for Papers for the conference “Optanda erat oblivio” Selection and Loss in Ancient and Medieval Literature – University of Bari, 20th-21st December 2018 can be found here: CFP 2018

Abstract booklets:

“Cupis volitare per Auras” (2016): Abstract Booklet 2016

“Auctor est aequivocum” (2017): Abstract Booklet 2017

“Classics and the Great War” (2018): Abstract Booklet CGW


“Cupis volitare per Auras” (2016): Flyer Conference 2016

“Auctor est aequivocum” (2017): Flyer Keynote 2017Flyer Conference 2017

“Classics and the Great War” (2018): Flyer CGW

Call for Papers:

“Cupis volitare per Auras” (2016): CFP 2016

“Auctor est aequivocum” (2017): CFP 2017

“Optanda erat oblivio” (2018): CFP 2018